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What's The Swarm Extended Network?
What's The Swarm Extended Network?
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You can now find virtually anyone on The Swarm with our Extended Network.

That's unlimited access to 800m+ profiles and 20m+ companies, including contact information.

To get started, please use the "Status" filter and select "Out-of-network" to search for companies across our database. You'll be able to see employees at that company whether you or one of your members is connected to them or not.

As a result, you can now find the exact person you're trying to reach at a company, and if they're not "in-network" you can either decide to reach out directly, or - better yet - lean on another strong or familiar connection to get an introduction.
Look for warm connections in the same departments or at the same company level, to work your way to the person you're trying to reach.
Any questions, please contact support via the in-app chat or

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