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How to filter connections by a list of companies?
How to filter connections by a list of companies?
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This filter option allows users to filter their contact list by a large set of company names as a list. This feature provides a convenient way to narrow down and focus on specific target accounts or companies within your network.

To filter your connections by a list of companies, follow these simple steps:

  1. On the Connections tab, locate the "List" filter button in the filter section.

  2. Enter the list of companies you would like to filter the network by.

  3. The text area supports company names entered as a list separated by commas or with line breaks.

  4. We do not support CSV upload at the moment.

  5. Apply the search to see the results appear in the Companies list with the "List" filter applied.

Additional Filters

Once you have applied the "List" filter and obtained the results of your target companies, you can further narrow down your search by adding other filters. The advanced filter option allows you to combine multiple filters to refine your contact list and obtain more specific results.

Maximum Number of Companies for Filtering

When using the advanced filter option, you can filter your connections by up to XXXX company names. This limit ensures optimal performance and efficient filtering of your contact list.

Extending Search Results

To extend your search results and discover additional relevant connections, you can check the "Extend your search" option. Enabling this option activates the advanced "phrase search" technique, which searches for results that include extra words before or after the searched keyword. This technique helps expand the scope of your search and retrieve more comprehensive results.

For example, the "extended search" will look for company names that may include additional keywords such as Capital, Corp, or Inc.

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